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Day Hikes

We offer Edible Plant walks in the front ranges of the Rockies and brilliant half day edible plant walks right here in Calgary’s Wildland parks!
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Edible Plants

Full Circle Adventures offers Edible plant hikes in Kananaskis country and wild foraging workshops on private lands west of Calgary, south of Longview and south of Calgary Learn what our ancestors ate when they first settled the land. Feel the texture of many healing plants that have always grown right here in our Wild Alberta. Take home ideas to grow your own wild tea garden!
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School Trips

Immerse your class in a wild Alberta landscape and let them discover the knowledge of the early Europeans. They will get to explore human history of the land and people’s early uses of plants. Some plants were used for medicine, some for food and some for tools, the kids are motivated to learn how to identify plants for it’s uses. Where the plant lives in it’s ecosystem is important in finding the right plant for each of the groups your class will form for this fun, educational outing, learning science and history! Plants as Food and Fibre and Interactions and Eco-systems are covered in these Grade 5 and 7 programs!
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Call to book a private outing with your family or corporate group.

If you desire to delve deeper into the outdoors as part of your personal lifestyle, Full Circle Adventures offer experienced, knowledgeable and entertaining guides that make your connection to nature a rich and awe filled experience. Get outdoors and Re-wild yourself!
  • Learn how to hike safely through our mountain landscapes with education safety, bear awareness, overnight survival and more.
  • Develop your ability to read the signs of wildlife while hiking and snowshoeing year round! Gain a deeper connection and understanding of nature to last you a lifetime!
  • Discover the natural world and its power and beauty as a source of knowledge, adventure and healing.
  • We offer winter “Family Friendly” outings.