About Full Circle Adventures

Full Circle Adventures specializes in building connections between people and Nature. Our edible wild plant programs take you into the pre-history of food and demonstrate the delicious value of our native Alberta plants.Our goal is to inspire your journey into the realm of nature. Discover native plants and how they shape the community of animals around them. Explore the animals’ wildlife homes and learn their habits. Discover the delicious nature of wild edibles that humans have used for centuries.Let us guide you into a few of the wild places in Alberta and B.C. and share our knowledge about nature’s wisdom. Enjoy listening to the call of a porcupine, seeing animal tracks in the snow, and tasting the tantalizing tang of wild edibles in a ranch Kitchen. Join our adventures and re-wild yourself!

About Julie

Julie is an IGA certified hiking guide and outdoor educator. She has safely guided people in the Foothills and Rocky Mountains of Southern Alberta for more than 25 years. During this time, she has learned to identify over 500 Prairie, Foothills, Montane, Sub-Alpine and Alpine plants. Sharing her knowledge about this flora, especially the edible plants, has become Julie’s passion.  
Julie teaches that the key to using or working with wild edible plants is being able to identify them and knowing where they grow, what a healthy plant population looks like, and when to harvest, or transplant them.
Twelve years ago, Julie began growing wild edibles in her garden and spreading the word about the nutritious value of the weeds and native species. She has offered many “Weed and Feed’ workshops on ranches from Heather Mountain Lodge, near Golden, to the West Bragg Creek area. Many workshop participants are chefs and restaurateurs; after foraging, they have cooked up delicious meals.
Also, Julie has co-created a “Wild Edibles and Wine tasting” workshop near Bragg Creek, and she is currently developing “Re-Wild your Garden” workshops for traditional gardeners, foodies, herbalists, and wild crafters.
  • 40-hour Wilderness First Aid
  • Interpretive Guides Association – Professional member
  • Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors, level 1 instructor
  • OCC Field Leader
Julie is a graduate of the University of Calgary. She has a Bachelor of Physical Education, with a major in Outdoor Pursuits.

Professional Affiliations

Alberta Council For Environmental Education   

Alberta is a leader in environmental education, with citizens that are informed and motivated to live more sustainably, be responsible stewards of the environment and help ensure future generations’ quality of life.
Interpretive Guides Association
An interpretive guide: builds bridges between landscapes, people and history; reveals stories behind the scenery; and creates memorable and inspiring experiences.
Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors
The Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors (CANSI) is a non-profit organization designed to promote and advance the sport of cross-country and Telemark skiing in Canada through the provision of high quality instruction.
Weaslehead Glenmore Park Preservation Society
Weaselhead is a Natural Environment Park that is afforded the highest level of protection the City of Calgary can offer.
Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park
Friends of Fish Creek is a non-profit society promoting accessibility and engagement with Alberta Parks through creative programming and participant friendly access to the park.
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS)
CPAWS is a non-profit organization that is engaged in the protection and preservation of large scale landscapes for their bio-diversity and wildlife value. Science based, this organization is involved in research and advocacy for the protection of intact wilderness that is the home for the endangered mammals of Canada.

Some of our Programmes

Your class will become immersed in a local landscape to discover the knowledge of the early Europeans. Our inter-disciplinary approach teaches:
  1. The human history of the land and people’s early uses of plants.
  2. Inquiry based learning about plant identification and uses.
  3. Exploratory learning about the relationships between trees, plants, sunlight and the animal interactions within the eco-systems.
  4. The human impact on the landscape over time. How different world views create very different outcomes for a landscape.
Full Circle Adventures offers Edible plant hikes in Kananaskis country and wild foraging workshops on private lands from Bragg Creek to the Chain Lakes area, south of Calgary Alberta. Locations are subject to change based on weather and wildlife notifications.
Take a guided Family Nature Hike and discover the interactions that occur in nature all the time when we aren’t looking. Discover the web of life in our backyard in the Eastern Slopes of the Rocky Mountains like never before. Hear the heroic tales of trapping, riding and prisoners of war that are behind the names in Kananaskis Country. Bring the family on a nature adventure that leave you all inspired, renewed and engaged.