It is the time of year for a Forage Feast day! Do you want to save money and diversify your garden? Join us to learn the lost art of foraging for wild edible plants. Our host at Chimney Rock Ranch, Tony, will walk us throughout the Ranch, like a herd of deer, so we can keep our heads down collecting delectable wild edibles for our afternoon lunch! Get a sense of the many habitats here in Alberta and the various species that grow here. After a delicious lunch enhanced with the skills of Debbie’s cooking, she will show us how easy it is to grow these wild treats right in our own gardens! Invite the hummingbirds to your garden with the wild plants you are using for jelly!

Please follow the links below to view pictures and Videos from our events:



Wholistic Nutrition Forage group, Private outing

Join “Full Circle Adventures” and  “Forge and Farm”, for this full day of Rural Magic! Spend the morning picking wild edible plants and bring them to the kitchen for a home cooked feast! Take a tour of a true Blacksmith type Forge and watch a hot demo!e this text

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