Full Circle Nature Walks and Hikes

Walk on the wild side of Southern Alberta and bite into Nature! Join us for edible  plant walks and hikes. Learn about sacred sites and plant teachings. For those with limited transportation, or who can only make a half day outing, we are now offering edible plant walks right in Calgary. Join us, exploring the wild protected parkland of the Calgary area and discover nature’s gifts in the Prairie/Foothills part of the world that we live in.
New Spring programs will be up at the end of January.

Edworthy Park – Wild edibles, buffalo jumps and sandstone bricks

This half day hike is an amazing way to learn a handful of Alberta’s wild edible plants and some of the history of their uses. In Europe many of these plants are still in use for tonics and teas as well as spices. The human history of Edworthy park may also surprise you!

Fish Creek Provincial Park – Voiters Flats – Wild edibles and wetland wonders.

This Half day hike in Calgary’s amazing natural area has many wild edible foods that Bears, birds, deer and people alike use. Discover the bounty and the scarcity of Nature’s wild plants and take home some ideas for wild food gardening in your backyard. Then you too can ‘take a bite’ out of nature!

Full Circle Wildflower foothill day hikes

Walk the amazing Whale back hills and wander into fields of Wildflowers rarely found. This unglaciated landscape is teeming with Prairie, Foothills and Mountain species of plants and flowers. This rich eco-system is a splash with color. Experience the bliss of the beauty of Nature’s creations!

If there are no events listed above, then unfortunately our programs are finished, for this season. If you wish to arrange a privately guided hike please contact us!

“Thank you so much for conducting such a great nature walk around the Leighton Centre.  I can’t wait to go back and paint in some of the locations we walked through, incorporating the flowers we saw.”