Our School Programs

Curriculum Based School Programs for Grades 5 and 7

Your class will become immersed in a local landscape to discover the knowledge of the early Europeans. Our inter-disciplinary approach teaches:

  1. The human history of the land and people’s early uses of plants.
  2. Inquiry based learning about plant identification and uses.
  3. Exploratory learning about the relationships between trees, plants, sunlight and the animal interactions within the eco-systems.
  4. The human impact on the landscape over time. How different world views create very different outcomes for a landscape.

Our Plants as Food and Fibre program is best experienced on the trail at Long Prairie loop, west of Turner Valley. This land is and was Ranching country and was once home to the Lakota Sioux First Nation, and contested by the Blackfoot people.

  • This journey through the land, as a band of Blackfoot people, a group of Métis fur traders, a family of Russian Ranchers and a family of Ukrainian Farmers, all looking for a home in the same landscape is the theme of this educational program.
  • Students form community groups to look at the landscape through the eyes of one of these historical cultures, each with a different view of the land and its uses.

Other outside of Calgary locations include: The Cochrane Ranche historic site, the Cross Conservation area and Yamnuska Meadows.

City locations include: Bowmont/Bowness parks in the NW, Edworthy and Weaslehead Parks and Fish Creek Provincial Park in the SW.

This program is adapted for Grade 5 Social Studies and “Settling of the land” as well as for Grade 7 “Interactions and Eco-systems” program.

Prices: Half day programs are 2.5 hours in length and run at $195 per class. Full day programs are 4 hours in length and run at $255 per class. GST  included in prices.
If you are within walking distance of a city park and would like us to run the program there, let us know which park, so we can explore the eco-system, as to its suitability for the program. Outdoor field trips run from September to mid-October then again from mid-April to the end of June.

Other Programs

Classroom Programs

A classroom program is also available on plants as food and fibre with the option of sampling wild teas. The price is $110 to $135 per class depending on class size and the inclusion of the wild tea sampling option. Indoor classroom programs run from mid-March to the end of May.