About Full Circle Adventures


About Full Circle Adventures

Full Circle Adventures specializes in building the relationship between people and Nature. We offer snowshoe outings and natural history hikes, however, our main focus is on teaching people to identify and use wild edible plants. Based on First Nations culture and our ancestors’ lifestyles, our edible wild plant programs will inspire you to appreciate old attitudes to natural food and the land.

We help you discover how native plants shape the community of life around them, and that there is a dynamic relationship between edible plants and the larger food chain.

Let us guide you into some of the wild places to discover nature’s wisdom. Join our adventures and re-wild yourself!


About Julie

Julie is an IGA certified hiking guide and nature educator. She has interpreted nature to elders, kids and adults, guiding in Southern Alberta for more than 25 years. During this time, she has identified over 500 Prairie, Foothills, Montane, Sub-Alpine and Alpine plants. Sharing her knowledge about this flora, especially the edible plants, has become her passion.

Julie loves teaching everything you need to know about using wild edible plants; identification, growing locations, planting in your own garden if you wish, and sustainable harvesting. Her goal is to help you discover the wisdom of native plants.


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I had the pleasure of joining you for your March 26th, Sunday Edible Plant Walk. I was most impressed! You have an obvious passion for plants, speaking about them with obvious fondness and awe, and a deep respect for First Nations culture. As well, you convey information about trees, shrubs, and flowers in an engaging way. Thank you for using your time and energy on behalf of the natural world.

– Janice Rider


Some of our Programs

School Programs

Your class will become immersed in a local landscape to discover the knowledge of the early Europeans. Our inter-disciplinary approach teaches:

  1. The human history of the land and early uses of plants.
  2. Inquiry-based learning about plant identification and uses.
  3. Exploratory learning about the relationships between trees, plants, sunlight and the animal interactions within the eco-systems.
  4. The human impact on the landscape over time. How different world views create very different outcomes for a landscape.
Edible Plant Hikes
Edible Plant Walks
a group on an edible plant hike
Viewing Wild Gooseberries


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