Building Plant Relationships

ETHICAL FORAGING                                                            Explore what it means to be part of nature. Humans have evolved over time, through our relationship with the land. The recent practices of Earthing, Coyote mentoring and Silent spots, have all aided us to blend into the forest, to be one, so the birds start singing and the animals relax around us.

Fox medicine teaches us to meld with the forest, learning to truly see, helps us to explore the medicine of the plant world. Learn to create  your own plant blessing, to ask permission from a plant to harvest from that community. The power of deep listening to nature's subtle signals is heart opening!

Dates:  Monday May 31st, Wednesday June 9th and Saturday July 10th   Time: 10:00 am to 1:30 pm

Meeting Locations:  Rancher's Corner on highway 22 near Millarville market.                                                                      The Sibbald turn off on the TransCanada and highway        At The Heart Cafe, in the hamlet of Bragg Creek.

Price per person: $80

(Small group experience only) Max 7 people

*Details will be e-mailed upon registration

We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.

"In February 2019 I saw Julie Walker present at the 'Living in the Natural Environment' Event. Her presentation on 'The Wild Foods of the Forest Floor' was incredibly informative yet approachable. Her passion for wild edible plants is evident and I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation. I was inspired to plant my very own native food garden, which is progressing nicely!"

Holly Kinas

Conservation Analyst, Miistakis Institute

"Thank you for the excellent course. It was a great way to learn more about the mountain habitat.”

Jacqueline Louie

the Alpine Club of Canada

“Thanks, I really enjoyed my hike with full circle adventures.  I think your guiding style is cool, a little of this and that and even a song, a poem and impressions of wildlife!"


“Hiking with Julie has awakened my senses, she has taught me to listen to Wildlife, hear running water, and learn about the birds around us. That heightened awareness brings so much pleasure to hiking on the trail.”

“Powderface Ridge was a magical day!”

Andree Iffrig


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