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Dandelion Soup

Early Spring Dandelion leaves can be combined with Stinging Nettles and Lamb’s Quarters to create the stock for this soup. If you would like, feel free to use any other vegetables you have on hand to add to the stock. Wash all Wild Greens thoroughly before using. Cut up greens and place them in a…

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Willow (g. Salix)

Willow is a shrub that loves to grow in moist habitat. Not only does it provide winter food for Elk and Moose, but it also contains Salicin, a chemical that is also found in Aspirin. Willow bark tea has been used for centuries as a pain killer for headaches, injuries and wounds. We have over…

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Willow Bark Tea

Willow Bark for headaches, fever, pain, and inflammation Willow provides relief from pain, fever, and inflammation, without the stomach upset that chemical aspirin causes.  It is plentiful and easy to collect in the spring. How to harvest willow bark for medicine Strip the bark from the young branches of Salix varieties of willow in the Spring…

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Winter Fun Saftey Tips

When snowshoeing or cross country skiing, over dressing is the most common mistake people make. Most of us feel the coldest in the parking lot, getting ready. This is the best time to wear a warm outer layer. Once it is time to start the outing; the heavy, warm, outer layer can come off. The key…

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Deer and Elk – It’s rut season!

Deer and Elk are in the mating season called the Rut. During the rut, cows and calves form harems with one or two mature bull Elk. The Deer Buck and Bull Elk have grown a large rack of antlers. Antlers serve two purposes. They indicate age, strength, stature and endurance of a male to survive,…

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