Wild Food Forage for Chefs, Restaurateurs and Foodies alike!


Chefs, Restaurateurs and Food explorers!

Are you curious about new foods and flavours? Do you want to learn the foods of our ancestors? Then, join us in some unique outdoor locations, in the Prairies and the Foothills, to learn about nature's edible plants. The semi-outdoor cooking facilities make it easy to  learn with your peers. Learn the impact we have made on the wild food and see where our food really comes from!

Create new recipes with the freshly harvested plants. Discover the flavours and terroir of wild Alberta!

On this forage and feast you will:

  • Learn to identify a handful of safe, abundant, edible plants.
  • Learn to harvest sustainably, ethically and with reciprocity
  • Gain amazing experience cooking wild foods
  • Have a great time with peers.

Locations: Private land in Southern Alberta. A home south of Calgary, A Ranch East of Calgary, A Ranch south of Chain Lakes.
Price: $850 for a group of 10 or more people (or $125 per person, if below the minimum 6 people).

Price includes: The host fee, land use, kitchen use, and set up. Your experienced, wild food educator, food prepper and outdoor guide. Additional condiments, herbs and wild-crafted tea.  Participants contribute a single item in "potluck style", to add to a new dish, creating a handful of complementary foods to enhance the meal.

Minimum group size 6. Prices may vary, depending on host location. .
Availability:  Late-May to mid-September  -  Time: 9:30 am to 3:30 pm (driving time is part of these times)

*Contact info@full-circle-adventures.com to book a date for your group foraging adventure.

For Chefs and Restaurateurs

“I met Julie Walker in 2011 when we collaborated on the first SAIT Chef’s forage. It was an incredible experience that has led to a great relationship of taking Sait Chefs and students out every year. Julie has such compassion and knowledge of the edible and medicinal plants of Southern Alberta while also grounding us in the traditions of the First Nations. Understanding our role in the food system and learning what true sustainability is through respecting the land is always a big awakening on each forage. What started out as an activity for the chefs to get out into nature and forage a few plants has turned into THE most favorite day we look forward to every year.”

Andrew Hewson

CCC Chef Instructor, School of Hospitality and Tourism

A forage adventure with Instructor Chef Andrew Hewson of SAIT's school of Hospitality & Tourism.

Dalia and her team at the COUP had a great day exploring new foods.

An outing with Matthew Widmer and Keith Robertson of Wild Life Distillery. Try their Wild, Alberta Gin!

An outing with Chef Brittany Swan from Eau Claire Distillery


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