Wild Food Forage for Distillers


For the Distiller

Searching for the perfect distilling combo? Let us take you and your team on a new adventure in the field. Discover new and textbook, aromatic botanicals to create your perfect Alberta beverage.
On this wild botanical forage your team will:

  • Learn a handful of safe, edible plants to work with
  • Learn where to forage for suitable botanicals.
  • Learn sustainable harvesting practices for your unique product
  • Discover the stunning diversity of wild Alberta plants
  • Have a fun, team building outing in Alberta’s foothills.

Dates: Mid-May to mid-September
Price: Min (4) participants $580.
An additional $95 per participant.
Group of 10 $925 (max group size)

Locations: Between the Sibbald area and the Sheep river valley. (We are happy to travel outside these areas with an additional mileage fee.) For example the Crowsnest pass/ Pincher Creek area to Bowden and Rosebud.                                                          Time frame: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
(There is a season to all botanicals, a conversation with your Foraging guide early in the year, ensures that your specific interests can be accommodated.)

*Please contact info@fullcircleadventures.com to set a date for your program and choose the season for the botanicals you may have a specific interest in.

For the Distiller
distiller bottle

A forage adventure with Instructor Chef Andrew Hewson of SAIT's school of Hospitality & Tourism.

Dalia and her team at the COUP had a great day exploring new foods.

An outing with Matthew Widmer and Keith Robertson of Wild Life Distillery. Try their Wild, Alberta Gin!

An outing with Chef Brittany Swan from Eau Claire Distillery

"Thanks so much Julie! The wild bergamot totally tastes like oil of oregano! That really was a wonderful day. I look forward to an adventure with you again soon!" - Nicole, owner of Porters Tonics


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