Edible Plant Hiking Adventures


Edible Plant Hiking Adventures

Our edible plant hikes, take you on a deep dive into the native, edible foods, in Kananaskis country. Each hike is to a different eco-system where we spend time learning about the plants in Grasslands, Aspen, Pine or Spruce forests and in creek-side habitats.

Most hikes are 6 to 10 km long, and are rated as beginner to moderate in difficulty. We walk slowly, stopping often, as the plants call to us!

Please do not attend if you have Flu-like symptoms. Thank you for your consideration.

On our edible plant hikes, you will learn:

  • To read the health of plant communities
  • The relationship local animals have to the plants in the eco-system
  • Easily recognize the plant’s habitat and how to find them
  • Many historic and current uses of  plants
  • A few recipes and samples of plants
  • How to identify a few toxic plants.

Your Certified Professional Guide brings deep wilderness awareness skills, wilderness first aid training and safe group management skills, as well as respectful, cultural practices.

Small groups make for great learning! We encourage 6 to 12 people per hike!

June 15, Wed -  Bow Valley Prov Park
June 29, Wed - Coal Mine Scar, Ribbon creek                                                                                  July 2,  Sat. -  Grass Pass, Highwood                                                                                                  July 6, Wed -  Long Prairie Ridge, Sheep River (Family friendly)
July 20, Wed - Elbow Lake, Highwood  (family friendly)                                                                      July 25, Mon - Nihahi Ridge, Elbow                                                                                                        July 29, Fri. -  Cox Hill, Sibbald                                                                                                                  Aug. 6, Sat. -  Black Prince, PLPP                                                                                                              Aug. 12, Fri. - Burstall Lakes, Smith Dorrien                                                                                          Aug. 14, Sun - Hidden Lake, Kananaskis                                                                                        Aug. 20, Sat. - Cat Creek, Highwood                                                                                                Aug. 26, Fri. - Powderface Ridge, Elbow                                                                                          Aug. 28, Sun. - Lillian Lake, SmithDorrien                                                                                              Sept. 5, Mon - Black Prince, PLPP                                                                                                    Sept. 10, Sat. - Eagle Hill, Sibbald                                                                                                    Sept. 18, Sun. Equinox hike to Brown Lowrey, Millarville                                                              Sept. 25, Sun. - Bow Valley Prov Park

Details Price Qty
June 15, Wed - Adultshow details + $95.00 (CAD)  
June 29, Wed - Adultshow details + $95.00 (CAD)  
July 2, Sat - Adultshow details + $95.00 (CAD)  
July 6, Wed - Adultshow details + $95.00 (CAD)  
July 16, Sat - Adultshow details + $95.00 (CAD)  
July 20, Wed - Adultshow details + $95.00 (CAD)  
July 25, Mon - Adultshow details + $95.00 (CAD)  
July 29, Fri - Adultshow details + $95.00 (CAD)  
Aug. 12, Fri - Adultshow details + $95.00 (CAD)  
Aug. 14, Sun - Adultshow details + $95.00 (CAD)  
Aug. 20, Sat - Adultshow details + $95.00 (CAD)  
Aug. 26, Fri - Adultshow details + $95.00 (CAD)  
Aug. 28, Sun - Adultshow details + $95.00 (CAD)  
Sept. 5, Mon - Adultshow details + $95.00 (CAD)  
Sept. 10, Sat - Adultshow details + $95.00 (CAD)  
Sept. 18, Sun - Adultshow details + $95.00 (CAD)  
Sept. 25, Sun - Adultshow details + $95.00 (CAD)  

All hikes are rated easy to moderate and roughly 4 to 8 km in distance. We do not always achieve the end of the hike.  Time:  9 am to 3:00 pm. (times will vary from weekend to weekday hikes.)                                                                                                                    Price per person per hike: $95                                                                                                    *Details will be e-mailed to you 1 week prior to the hike. Please pay to register. *

We offer custom outings for private groups to these and other, not listed, locations!

We honor and acknowledge the teachings of the First Nations and Metis people that have shared with us. Thank you to the Nakoda Sioux, the Kainai, Pikani, and Siksika people of the Blackfoot, as well as to the Interior Salish, who have historic trade routes here. We are grateful that this knowledge is still intact and that the teachings are still with the people.
The people have been generous in their sharing, and none of us would know as much as we do, if they were not so willing to share with historians, authors and botanists, over the years.
We recognize it is time to live in partnership with the First Peoples of this land, as we all have memories and stories of our families, on the land. We create new stories and memories on the land every day. Thank you.

"Thank you for the excellent course. It was a great way to learn more about the mountain habitat.”

Jacqueline Louie

the Alpine Club of Canada

“Thanks, I really enjoyed my hike with full circle adventures.  I think your guiding style is cool, a little of this and that and even a song, a poem and impressions of wildlife!"


“Hiking with Julie has awakened my senses, she has taught me to listen to Wildlife, hear running water, and learn about the birds around us. That heightened awareness brings so much pleasure to hiking on the trail.”

“Powderface Ridge was a magical day!”

Andree Iffrig


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