Edible Wild at Home


Edible Plant Walkabout on your Property

Do you have 40 acres or more? Would you like to know what edible plants are growing there and how to cook with them? We are happy to take you on a tour of your home property to discover the balance of the native and introduced edible plants on your acreage.Weeding may become a food harvesting process! Learn to identify five safe, edible plant species and we will share ideas on cooking with at least two of them.

*Please contact info@full-circle-adventures.com to set a date, time, and location for your program.

May to September


Half-day day $185

Full day - includes a meal $350

Price Qty*
Edible Wild at Home - Half-Day show details + $185.00 (CAD)  
Edible Wild at Home - Full Day show details + $350.00 (CAD)  


Re-Wilding your Garden

Why re-wild your garden? Here are three great reasons to add native, edible species to your lawn or garden.

  1. The insects that feed 70% of our birds have developed special adaptations to the native plants and flowers that grow here. If the insects thrive, the songbirds thrive.
  2. You can grow native wild edibles to harvest early June and enjoy your, local greens!
  3. Once the plants are established, you don’t need to water, fertilize or fuss over them!

During a two-hour garden consultation and walk-about in your yard, we will look for the habitat that most closely mimics nature’s eco-systems. This way we ensure the best rate of return for your new edible wild plant garden.


Consultation fee: $100

*Please contact info@full-circle-adventures.com to set a date, time, and location for your program.

  • In some cases, we can provide the starter plants, or we will give you the best resources for locally grown native plants. Prices for plants dependent on the species and amounts.


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