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Edible Wild Plant Workshops


Edible Wild Workshops

These wild plant workshops build on our connection to nature. Whether through cooking and nutrition, plant medicine, or gaining a deeper calm in nature, the wild places and plants provide us with many teachings. These workshops offer a deeper connection to the plant kingdom, integrating us back into the Web of Life. Re-claim these sustainable skills let nature be our teacher once again.

The Dandelion - Make the first wild salad of the season! Dandelion salad is a great digestive tonic to kickstart us into spring. Learn many ways you can cook with the abundant and nutritious Dandelion.

Additional food supplies provided by Full Circle Adventures.

May 18, 2019 in the Priddis area

Price $89 per person

*Details will be e-mailed upon registration

Wild Human Nature

Explore what it means to be part of nature. Humans have evolved through their relationship with the land. We still have an important role to play in our local ecosystems. This role starts with awareness. By practicing awareness in the forest, learning ways to align with the plants, we are able to build  a connection with them.

Learn skills to offer your own plant blessing, deeper listening to nature's subtle signals and sustainable harvest techniques. We collect from healthy plant populations to nourish our bodies, as food and medicine.

June 22, 2019

Price per person $100 Food included

*Details will be e-mailed upon registration

Nutrition outing –This outing focuses on the natural history and nutritional value found in both the native and introduced species of edible plants in our area. Julie Walker IGA guide, shares the natural history, the vitamin content and sustainable practices for safe harvesting as well as the role the plant plays in the habitat. A meal including local edible plants is provided.    

June, 2019  -  The Millarville area.

Price per person $100

*Details will be e-mailed upon registration

Nettle forage and edible plant walk  –  Nettle is one of the most nutritious plants in our area. This versatile plant is used in tea, soup, stew, pasta, almost anything you cook with, nettle is a compliment.

Learn safe harvesting techniques, recipe ideas and take home a supply of Nettles.

We help these ranchers clear some nettles out from their raspberry patch!

Start the day with an edible plant walk, orienting you to the landscape. Learn the intimate details of plant identification and the role of native and introduced plants in the grasslands. This event is on private lands, 1 hour south of Calgary.

June  2019

Price per person $99

*Details will be e-mailed upon registration


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