Public Lands - Learn to Forage

Alberta’s Public Lands are one of the few places the public can forage wild foods in non-commercial quantities. Learn the skills of foraging seasonal wild foods.

First there is knowing what plant is ripe for eating, and what part of the plant is ready. Then asking permission of the plant and giving something in reciprocity for the energy exchange.

The Foothills are highly bio-diverse with many edible plants growing throughout. The Foothills are also one of the most highly impacted eco-regions in Alberta.

Join a Full Circle foraging outing, to see how knowing what a healthy population of wild edible plants looks like is part of ethical foraging.

What you will learn:

  • Sustainable and ethical foraging techniques 
  • How to identify safe, edible plants
  • The ecological relationships with plants
  • Cooking methods, recipes and storage guidelines


Sturdy Day pack with clothing layers and rain gear. Good footwear for uneven ground, where there are NO trails.                                                  Lunch and 2 water bottles.

  • Gloves, clippers
  • Cloth, paper or screen bags
  • Digging tools
  • Personal care items
  • A complete supply list will be sent to you upon registration.


May 28th - Tea, decoctions and stew plants

June 19 - Stalks leaves and flower buds for the grill and dessert. (This outing may be on private lands).

June 24 - Leaves, buds, flowers and roots for tea, garnish or stew.

July 3rd - Berries and florals for the home distillery.

Price: $90 per person. Or, a small group special rate is $75 per person.  * min 4 - max 8



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