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Private lessons are available with Full Circle Adventures.

Please write us @ to book your private lesson, or just click on the "contact us" link below.

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Private Lessons:

Book a private lesson, either to learn to Cross country ski for the first time, or to improve your skills either on the flats or on the hills.

Beginner lesson - Take this 2.5 hour beginner XC ski class. This course teaches you the basic skills of balance, propulsion and how to glide on your xc skis.

Refresher class - If you haven't skiied in a few years, or you have skiied a lot, but have never had a lesson, start the year on the right foot. Take a 2.5 hour private course with us to "build on the foundations". This class will enable you to build on your skills, to gain more glide and better grip. Find the smooth rhythm of Cross country skiing with the most efficient technique to use the least effort for the most efficiency!

Skill building - You took a lesson a few years ago, but did not get out much, to practice those skills. Try a 2.5 hour skill building to bring you back into your stride!

Hill Techniques - Whether you are a new skier or you have skiied a long time, learning the best way to manage going up and down the hills will make your skiing safer and more fun. Gain confidence in different snow conditions by learning how to gain control of your skis on the hills.

Start off with the level terrain techniques, then book a second lesson to develop you skills for efficiency going uphill and confidence going down hill.

Just let us know in the subject of your e-mail, if you are a first-timer, refreshing or skill building with the sport. Together we will set up lesson dates.

Prices:                                                                                                                                              Single - $250 for one person
Couple - $215 each                                           
Small group - $165 each for 3 to 5 people.                                                                                          Private group of 6 or more - $95 each

Dates:  Contact us to set up a date for your private, semi-private or small group lesson. Weekdays and some weekend options are available.                                                                  Our first available dates are:                                                                                                           Sunday Dec. 11 and 18th.                                                                                                                   Jan. dates:  Jan. 8, 9, 21, 27 and 29th.                                                                                            Feb dates: Fri. Feb. 10, Mon. Feb. 20, Sat. Feb. 25 and Sun. Feb. 26th                                    Additional dates are available by contacting me directly at

Times: Half day lessons. AM and PM available

AM From 10:00 to 12:30 or
PM From 1:00 to 3:30 pm

Locations include: West Bragg Creek, Ribbon Creek, Kananaskis Village and Pocaterra. City Golf courses are possible.

An email will be sent out with the location, waiver forms, what to bring, and additional information, once you have registered. A waiver and medical form must be filled in to participate. Thank you!

Private Lesson and Tour
Private Group 6 or More


Contact us to book!

Family Semi-Private

When families learn to ski together, it becomes a lifelong shared experience.                            This 3.5 hour ski lesson gets your family safely out skiing. We start with skiing on the flat ground. Then play games to learn balance, ski skills and enjoy fun activities with the whole family fun!                                                                                                                                          After getting out to practice a few times, sign up for your second lesson to build your uphill and downhill techniques. Then you are ready to take your family to most trails, with the skills to make it fun and safe!

Contact us to set up dates for your private lesson, or join us on Sunday Feb. 19th for the Family Day weekend!

$325 for the whole family.

A Maximum size of three families, of up to 2 Adults and 3 Children per family. See you on the snow!

Locations include:  Track-set and groomed trails at: Confederation Golf Course, West Bragg Creek XC Ski trails, or Kananaskis Village, snow dependent.


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