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Curriculum Based School Programs for Grades 4 through 8.


Grade 5 - "Human Heritage and the Land", ‏‏‎is the basis of the Grades 4 through 6 program. Trees, tools, food and forests were essential to human connections and survival in the 1800's.

*Programs run rain or shine. Please encourage students to dress appropriately. Please read the cancellation policy, to avoid fees for last minute cancellations. Thank you!

These programs cover the early history of the Calgary area. Alberta is a young province, We cover the transition of land use from traditional First Nations and Metis lifestyle, to the division of the land by Government for Ranchers and Farmers. Land was sold cheaply as long as it was worked for commercial use. Your class experiences the land through the eyes of the people of the late1880’s to the early 1900's.

Inquiry-based learning techniques and hands on learning help students explore for themselves how the plants and trees were part of the human experience of these times.

Points covered include:

1. An introduction to the First Nations people of the area.                                                                          2. Cultural relationships with trees and plants
3. European uses of trees and plants for new tools and homes.
4. How European settlement quickly changed the landscape.                                                                    5. Early partnerships and friendships across nations.

Locations outside of Calgary for Rural schools include: Long Prairie Ridge and the Cochrane Ranche historic site.

Locations inside of Calgary for CBE schools include: Fish Creek Provincial Park - Bebo Grove, Bowness Park, Lower Edworthy Park, North Weaslehead natural environment park and Nose Hill natural environment park - the Edgemont entrance.

Book a full or half day of adventure learning and discover the human and natural history of the Calgary area.


Grade 6 to 8 Understanding the early use of native plants

PLANTS AS FOOD and FIBRE is the foundation of this program. We take students back in time. How did the Blackfoot decide what tree to use for building their lodges? How did ranchers know where to dig a well? What plant stops bleeding? Where did the Metis prefer to place their trap lines? What was the original grass that supported cattle in the winter?

By immersing your class into a local landscape they gain a brief glimpse into the knowledge of the land by the Blackfoot, Nakoda Sioux, Metis and early Europeans. Our inter-disciplinary approach teaches:

  1. The human history of the land and early people’s relationship with ecosystems.
  2. Inquiry based learning about plant identification and habitat.
  3. Exploratory learning about interactions between trees, plants, sunlight, slope and wildlife within 3 Eco-systems.
  4. The human impact on the land over time. How different world views, create very different outcomes for a landscape.

This program connects with various Science Units as well as Social Studies.  Plants as Food and Fibre and Interactions and Eco-systems. Effects of water and sunlight, how wind moves in waves. Human settlement of the land based on resources, geography and climate.

Locations outside of Calgary for Rural schools include: Long Prairie Ridge, The Cochrane ranch historic site Yamnuska Meadows and the Okotoks River Valley.

Locations inside of Calgary for CBE schools include: Fish Creek Provincial Park - Voiter flats, Bowness park, Edworthy park, North Weaslehead natural environment park and Nose Hill Park - Edgemont entrance.

Price per class (all grades) - $285 for the first class and $235 for additional classes. Our Maximum is 2 classes per day.                                    Half days are available for inner city outings only. Price per class - $235 for the first class and $215 for additional classes.

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*Please contact info@full-circle-adventures.com to set a date for your program.

"Thanks again for a fabulous field trip!  The kids (and the teachers) had an amazing time and we all agreed that we should have come for a full day because it was so fantastic."

- Lindsey Bin
Grade 5 Teacher / Outreach Coordinator


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