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Curriculum Based School Programs for Grades 5 and 7

By immersing your class into a local landscape they will discover the journey of the Blackfoot, Metis and early Europeans. Our inter-disciplinary approach teaches:

  1. The human history of the land and early people’s uses of plants.
  2. Inquiry based learning about plant identification and habitat.
  3. Exploratory learning about interactions between trees, plants, sunlight, slope and wildlife within 4 Eco-systems.
  4. The human impact on the land over time. How different world views, create very different outcomes for a landscape.

Our Plants as Food and Fibre program, is best experienced on the trails at Long Prairie loop, west of Turner Valley. This land is and was ranching country and was once home to the Lakota Sioux First Nations, and was contested by the Blackfoot people.

  • This journey through the land, as a band of Blackfoot people, a group of Métis fur traders, a family of Russian ranchers and a family of Ukrainian farmers, who are all looking for a home within the same landscape, is the theme of this educational program.
  • Students form community groups to look at the landscape through the eyes of one of these historical cultures, each with a different view of the land and its uses.

Other locations outside of Calgary include: The Cochrane ranch historic site, the Cross Conservation area and Yamnuska Meadows.

Locations inside of Calgary include: Fish Creek Provincial Park - Voiter flats, Bowness park, Edworthy park, Weaslehead natural environment park.



Grade 5 - Heritage of the Land ‏‏‎ 

This program covers some of the early history of Alberta; the transition from First Nations and Metis lands to ranchers and farmers. Your class experiences the land through the eyes of the people of the 1880’s. City parks and Foothills parks are options for this all-day discovery of our human and natural history adventure!

May/June Spring programs or Sept/Oct Fall programs


Grade 7 – Understanding Early Use of Native Plants

This program takes students back in time. How did ranchers know where to dig a well? What plant stops bleeding? Where did the Metis prefer to place their trap lines? What was the early grass that supported cattle in the winter?

This program ties in with Science Units A and B; Plants as Food and Fibre and Interactions and Eco-systems.

*Please contact info@full-circle-adventures.com to set a date for your program.

"Thanks again for a fabulous field trip!  The kids (and the teachers) had an amazing time and we all agreed that we should have come for a full day because it was so fantastic."

- Lindsey Bin
Grade 5 Teacher / Outreach Coordinator


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