Cancellation Policy

Full Circle Adventures reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule an outing at any time without notice. Weather, safety hazards, low registrations or other circumstances may occur; however, we will attempt to give as much advance notice as possible to our customers.

If a trip is cancelled by Full Circle Adventures due to reasons stated above, or due to an unforeseen incident, a full refund will apply. Additionally, an activity may have a location change without advanced notice, due to weather, fire bans, or wildlife activity in the area, and Park closures. Participants will be informed of a change in location, at the very latest at the meeting place on the day of the program. If the program must be re-scheduled, we will do our best to book registrants to another program on another date. 

Full Circle Adventures reserves the right to decline any participant, at any time, as a member on any trip. As a participant, it is important to give full disclosure and accuracy of your state of health on our medical information form, so we may be appropriately prepared for an emergency, should one occur. Failing to disclose important health in formation will result in you not being able to participate in the program you registered for, or to receive a refund. 

Refund Policies

Non-refundable fees reflect the expenses Full Circle Adventures cannot recover if you cancel. These expenses include the website fees, registration processes, program marketing, food costs, or facility deposits. 

Day Trips 

If you cancel your registrationwithin three days before a program your payment will not be refunded.

If you cancel your registration a week before your program a $15 non-refundable deposit is withheld. 

If you cancel more than 7 days prior to a program, you will receive a full refund.


In the event of a family or personal health emergency at the last minute, a partial refund, less the $15 non-refundable deposit, will be returned to the participant.

Private Group Bookings

If your group or organization has booked a private outing with Full Circle Adventures, there are fees that are non-refundable, due to: the nature of a facility booking or time-consuming organizational process to make this booking happen.These fees may vary according to the facility booked and the group size and length of the program.

Both parties may agree on a cancellation more than 10 days from the program date at no cost to either party.

Prices are subject to change without notice, prior to you booking a program. Once you are registered and we have received your deposit, the price listed at that time will not change.