Winter Fun Saftey Tips

When snowshoeing or cross country skiing, over dressing is the most common mistake people make. Most of us feel the coldest in the parking lot, getting ready. This is the best time to wear a warm outer layer. Once it is time to start the outing; the heavy, warm, outer layer can come off.

The key to staying warm is staying dry. As soon as we sweat, we are at risk of getting cold. When we stop any activity, the sweat that is against our body freezes and we get cold, or get a chill. It is key to wear light wicking layers that move the sweat away from your skin. Put the big warm layer in your pack to have for later, when you stop for lunch, or on the way down from the climb.


Everyone has a different metabolism and we all regulate our body temperature differently. If you don’t warm up very quickly, then keep the outer layer on until you get to the bottom of a hill. Removing the outer layer before climbing a hill is a great way to reduce trapped perspiration and stay warm.


Most of us heat up while climbing a hill in snowshoes or on Cross country skis, especially if it is along climb. Shedding those layers, before we start to overheat, helps our body to thermo regulate on those active winter outings.